Geelong Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is a highly technical operation and should not be taken lightly as it requires a team of qualified and trained professionals. Removing a tree is necessary due to the condition of the tree, aesthetics, health, liability, and safety of your property.


To fulfill this service and address your needs, you can rely on Geelong Tree Removal Services. At times, it may even be necessary to remove a living tree if it is threatening utility wires, buildings or driveways or interfering with the health of other trees for that matter. In order to remove a tree safely and effectively, we mark out and clearly communicate our plan of attack. This includes how we plan on dismembering the tree, where and how the tree will fall in the safest manner to prevent any damage to the surroundings and how to dispose of the lumber as required by the Geelong City Council.


When it comes to tree removal, safety comes first, last and always. We aim to provide a competitive price point whilst remaining strict on health and safety regulations. Our aim is to provide a service based on pure professionalism

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Tree Removal Alternatives

Not only does a tree provide a natural landscape but also habitats for nearby animals and a peaceful aura. It is never recommended to remove a tree unless there is no other option. The first thing we do is to find out if there is an alternative option available to tree removal that will allow you to keep the tree. While efficient tree care and maintenance is the way to ensure longevity, there are some other ways for saving a tree you may think that needs removal.

Cabling and Bracing 

Cabling can offer support to trees with weak structures. This procedure helps to prevent injuries to your trees, such as branch failure as well as the crotch and provides some protection against storm and wind damage. This practice can extend the durability of trees with large features.

Disease and Insect Treatment 

This can be one of the options to prevent tree cutting, solely depending on the problems it is suffering from and the state of your tree.

What to Expect When Removing Trees?

Tree cutting service in suburban, as well as urban landscapes, can be a possible challenge. Trees in the neighborhood are often surrounded by other structures and valuable plantings while performing a tree removal operation on commercial or public land has the ability to pose hazards to the public.

While dismantling; it requires a lot of care by highly trained professionals utilizing state-of-the-art technology in order to cut down a tree, especially a large one, having the main focus to ensure the protection of your property and home. The equipment Tree Removal Geelong uses during the process of tree removal is determined by the conditions regarding branch architecture, the soundness of your tree and your landscape.

A standard tree removal operation includes:

  • Taking down a tree

  • Chipping all brush

  • Cutting all wood into 20″ logs

  • Cutting the stumps to the ground as much as possible

Wood may be removed from the site or stacked near the base of the tree totally depending specifically on your requirements. If you are in need of any stump removal services, you can always count on our Stump Grinding Geelong services.

If you think you need a tree or trees removed -- reach out for a consultation with one of our expert Geelong Arborists.