Wood Chipping Service

Wood chipping involves breaking down sections of wood into smaller pieces using a piece of equipment termed a "wood chipper." These chips are then used as recycled material from fallen branches or removed trees. 

An example of this is tanbark which is the chips of wood you will find at your local park, usually surrounding play equipment. This can also be used for a number of benefits including:

  • Preserving moisture within the surrounding area

  • Reducing or preventing weed growth in a particular area 

  • Improving the state of the soil beneath 

  • Supplying valuable nutrients to the soil beneath the wood chips 

  • Providing a natural beauty to the area in and around the tanbark 

Cut Wood

What is the wood chipping process?

Wood chipping breaks down lumbar, branches or pruned trees into usable wood chips which have many uses. In cases where customers prefer to do their own tree pruning, tree or stump removal, you may find that wood chipping is faster, easier and cheaper than transporting the green material to a tip. This will also leave you with mulch or tanbark that can be utilised within the garden for landscaping purposes. 

The wood is usually broken down into the correct size using a manual saw or chainsaw before being thrown into a wood-chipper to be broken down into small pieces. The wood chipper will spit the smaller pieces into a containment vessel to either be utilised within your garden or transported to green waste for recycling.